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North Texas Small Claims Lawyers & Attorneys

The Small Claims and Justice Court, usually called the "Justice of the Peace Court", have jurisdiction in matters where the amount in controversy is up to $10,000. The Alcorn Law Firm has experienced small claims lawyers and attorneys that can guide you through the process. If you are being sued in Small Claims Court or in a Justice Court, we can help you protect yourself and minimize or prevent the potential judgement against you.

Although both the Small Claims and Justice Courts are handled by the same judge, they have very different rules. Very often we see people who cannot recover damages because they filed their case in the wrong court or did not get a jury trial because they did not properly request a jury. If you have a case for under $10,000 or have been sued in the Small Claims of Justice of the Peace Court call our office for a free evaluation. We handle most Small Claims and Justice of the Peace case for a low flat rate.